CLM Publishing exists to provide Christian authors with a trustworthy team to help them successfully navigate their publishing dreams.

Naturally, all correspondence and details are kept strictly private and we do not- under any circumstance- give out any hint of your information. All data is stored purely for our business dealings and you can opt-out any given time.


Now you can easily offer E-Book editions of your titles to the growing eBook market. Once CLM Publishing designs your book files, and you have approved your proof from the printer, we can convert it into an ePub file. Upon approval of that file (which you may view on any eReader or through a software program), we will provide you with a mobi file (for the kindle). This mobi file is a courtesy and we do not make changes to it without fees once you have approved your ePub file.


CLM Publishing brings to the table an established magazine publication, Christian Lifestyle, and provides its authors with full page writes-ups on the author/writer, plus snippets of the book, and a half-page advert of the new book in the magazine. In addition, the book and information about the author will be placed on all websites owned and operated by Christian Lifestyle magazine and CLM Publishing.

We will assist you in the creating of website to market your book – every little bit helps. Your site can also be linked on CLM

We provide the following


  • Custom Covers
  • Layouts
  • ISBN/Barcodes
  • Illustrations
  • Editing/Proofing


  • ISBN Assignment
  • Electronic Galley
  • Digital Formatting (eBook)
  • Worldwide Book Distribution
  • Custom Layout
  • Book Design and Interior Page Layout
  • 10 Image Insertions
  • Google and Amazon Book
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Electronic medias: iTunes, Youtube
  • LCN: Library of Congress
  • Marketing: Posters, flyers, business cards, bookmarks…
  • Paperback / Hardback format

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